Principal, Shannon Thorson

 If we're going to work together, I’d love to share a bit about what makes me tick. I've lived in McMinnville since 1994. When I moved here, I had to make my own beer because I wasn’t yet 21 {yah, they’ll sell you the supplies}. My first career was in the fire service; first as a firefighter in Salem and eventually as the Fire Marshal in McMinnville, where I stuck around for 13 years. 

I love to travel to tropical locations with a backpack, stretchy dress and pair of flops perfect for hiking. Wherever I go I always imagine myself leaving everything behind and living {wherever there is} full-time.  

I’ve restored, remodeled and built over 30 commercial and residential buildings and my mouth still waters when I pass by a good one. I’ve launched several businesses and sometimes earned and sometimes learned. Thankfully there's been more earning as the years have progressed. 

Collecting new skills and talents is a passion. You could teach me how to weave a little bracelet and I’d go to bed envisioning myself tucking this new skill safely in my imaginary tool box. It has its own cute little compartments like a fishing tackle box and its super rusty, but in a cool way. I've probably pursued more education that one person needs from Linfield to George Fox to Harvard, and now Cornell where I'm digging into Strategic Hospitality Marketing.  I love it though, and it helps me feel great about what I can offer YOU.

I've always overseen every little detail of the branding and marketing processes for the businesses I've led so I know how irritating it can be to work with creatives that aren't sensitive to timelines and structure. I also know how amazing it can feel to see an gorgeous piece of artwork representing your brand and preach forgiveness 1000 times over in your head. 

My job is to let you have your cake and eat it too. Branding and marketing is thrilling and I love helping grow businesses.  PNW Content Marketing is a team of the best and the brightest.  I work with a myriad of private contractors so we always pair your needs up with the perfect talent for your particular project. Everyone stays on their toes and I'm here managing and leading deployment every step of the way. 

Now lets get kicking.